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Beaver parked next to log boom and waterfall in background

Bazett Land Surveying utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to meet our clients’ needs. We use Leica total stations and dual frequency real-time GNSS receivers for terrestrial surveys, and a Knudsen echosounder for conducting bathymetric surveys. We also have the ability to deploy our DJI M300 drone with a variety of payloads to collect LiDAR, high resolution video and aerial imagery. We have 3 fully-equipped 4x4 pickups, 2 floatplanes and 3 inflatable boats with outboard motors, allowing us access to very remote sites. Our high-quality digital cameras can be mounted in either aircraft for aerial photography. Our office is equipped with the latest data processing and drafting software, and our large format plotters ensure delivery of a quality product.